Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk1Jh3nx

It’s 9 AM. The line for breakfast was very, very long and very, very enthusiastic. All around me I saw eager young men/women/other bouncing in line and wolfing down eggs-n-bakey and, as they approached the clearance of their plate, grow wearier and tireder as the night’s dancing caught up with them.

I felt the same, lurching blissfully up to my room, my heart aglow and my head abuzz. And I realized that there was one thing I’d rather do than fall asleep, and that’s to share with you this last night of ours.

I caught the PawPet Show from the comfort of my room, part of it audio-only, blaring loudly from the TV while I took a relaxing soak in the bath. I sauntered down to the fire pit to toast some marshmellows that the Russian and Ukranian furies shared with me, and joined the returning masses of the PawPet audience who, after refreshing themselves, strutted right back into the main stage for the dance.

As per tradition, not much sleep’s to be had on Saturday, and I’d have it no other way. Whoever they had manning the deck in the dance hall deserves a medal; the house was hopping and didn’t flag for a second. Firm, invigorating beats with the odd cheeky bit of humor to warm the cockles – and the crowd, did I mention them? Furry or skinny or stout or gangly, everyone abandoned the usual strictures of their elbows and knees and went to town.

Man alive, the energy… I saw folks whom I knew as staunch, reserved intellectuals throw themselves against the writhing wires of the music, buoyed by the rhythm like a wrestler bouncing off the ropes and returning with a lithe and brutal one-two to the auditory cortex. 

And bringing us full circle: dawn snuck up on us all and found us sparkling our way out of the hall and into the line for BreakfastCon 2014…


All right, maybe I *will* turn in. But I’ll be dreaming of music…

- Khaki

Eurofurence Day 4. Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2kYSGX

In the afternoon I joined AlectorFencer, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, Shay and EZWolf to present Aletor’s upcoming project, the graphic novel series Myre.  My first time on the EF main stage – a dog could get used to that sort of thing.

The musicians from last night’s concert (Fox Amoore, Alexander James Adams, Amadhia and the semi-terrified non-furry Neil Humphrey) threw a wonderful concert for the con’s charity organization. I’m dog enough to admit that when AJA played The Familiar’s Promise I wept like a bitch; Amadhia was moved so much she asked to sit out the next song!

The next big event? The PawPet Show – or rather, the line. The delays were extreme even by Eurofurence standards, but the crew were ready to support the people stuck in QueueCon, bringing trays of drinks out. And Uncle Kage and AJA entertained the waiting crowds with a fiddled jig and an a-capella rendition of Zombie Jamboree!

- Khaki 

Day 3 of Eurofurence. I… honestly can’t put it into words. Party? That’s as close as I can get.

Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2j2SFr

Alexander James Adams – a bard cut from the old, fine leather, illuminated by laser-light and thrummed by rock-hard techno music.

Tirol using my lightsaber to expose my camera to yet another phallic image.

Non-fur musician Neil Humphrey begin given his own frusona: a guitar-playing jellyfish named PMO. And dancing, dancing, dancing.

Been a while since I’ve had this much fun!

- Khaki

Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2jwRMf

In January I had the pleasure of joining Fox Amoore and a band of creative companions, including Amadhia and Alexander James Adams, at the recording of Fox’s album Come Find Me at Abbey Road Studios.

And this year at Eurofurence, they performed the album live. They were even joined by guitar/bassist Neil Humphrey, a non-furry who, well, got quite an introduction to our weird little community. 

Hearing those tunes rise, the passion and fire of the musicians, I found myself transported first to that magnificent week’s recording at Abbey road – and then somewhere else altogether, where talent and creativity are made flesh.

Hopefully these photos will give you the faintest glimpse of what it was like to attend!

- Khaki

Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk1CSwQn

Friday! Friday! As much as I love giving panels, I’m really pleased my schedule is nice and free today. After a hearty breakfast (don’t worry, I didn’t pick the fish – who eats that?) and a nap I could enjoy the rich, warm atmosphere that makes Eurofurence such a beloved destination.

It’s a cliché at this point, but being reunited with old friends and making new ones (thanks to the handy build-your-own-friend kits in the con’s goodie bag) is something I simply don’t tire of.

A friend loaned me his prized, beautiful old Leica and challenged me to fill a roll of film. I’m about half-way through, and of course I can’t share any of the pics since they first need to be developed in some kind of alchemical concoction.

But meanwhile, here’s some photos from the day, while the sun was still up!

- Khaki

Full gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk1CF4JU

Day 2 of Eurofurence. When the sun goes down, the beast go a-hunting. For company, for music, and for the slaking of deep, ancient thirsts…

I regretted being unable to attend the evening’s entertainment, courtesy of 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage (once again), not to mention the Fursuit Parade earlier in the day, but took solace in the campfire – never has there been a better way to meet new people at Eurofurence than that beautiful, blazing pyre.

I had the privilege of spending time with my friends from Germany and Russia and France, and while there is much I still want to tell them, we have more days to do it!

Oh, and I did a photoshoot for the Don’t Hug Cacti studio as a wee favour; that one’s coming up next – if any of you are into that sort of thing…

- Khaki

Full gallery here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexfvance/sets/72157646287088107/

Day two of Eurofurence 2014! The night has not yet begun, but something tells me I should post these wholesome photos before the evening’s debauchery breaks loose.

Despite my intention not to give any panels this year I volunteered to help out one of my friends from RusFurrence, who was to give a panel on the history of the Russian furry community, and since he was ‘trapped’ by the Fursuit Parade I wound up leading the start of the panel anyway.

But it wasn’t all work, work, work. I had the pleasure of attending the Impossible Fursuit Charades hosted by Shay, where my friend Bostitch lost his furry cred by being unable to remember the name of Simba’s father in The Lion King. The ‘Monica Lewinsky’ affair was similarly hard to guess, despite the suiters’ very life-like imitation.

Since I was helping out at the panel I couldn’t, myself, see or shoot the first parade, but I did pass several hotel staff members taking photos of the staging area (and tittering), commenting on which animal they liked best.

The sun started to set, and the light was so beautiful; I whipped out my dish-gun portable flash set-up (version 2.0) and stole a whole bunch of souls. Portraits, portraits, portraits.


- Khaki

Full gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexfvance/sets/72157646268609029/

In previous years, after a con, I’ve always taken my time and spent a week post-processing images, making selections, compiling a story… 

So this year I’m trying something different. Here’s the pics from Day 1 in all their magnificent glory! 

Please click through to the full gallery above. There’s much more to show!

Old friends and new talents, a gaggle of guests of honor(s?), a fire pit, and of course our beautiful new hotel!

I’ve only been here a day, arriving after quite a lot of work and travel without a break, but I’m still not tired. Thanks to the staff, my friends, an all the wonderful furries for a wonderful time – hard to imagine it’s only just beginning :)

- Khaki

Gay Pirates, by Cosmo Jarvis. “But I’m yours, you know. And I’ll love you still in Hell.” Gets me every time.

Pacific Hotline: The Sound Alex "Khaki" Vance In tribute of Pacific Hotline 19 Plays
You wake up on a beach under a pink dawn, or dusk, who can tell.
The gulls don’t care, the creeps and the lizards, the strangers all down and out and under, all dancing on the ceiling of your mind.
The warm waves are perverts, licking at your heels, white foam on your toes. White powder on your sleeves. Your shoes — did they lose you? Check your watch, it’s time to rise.
The beach bucks like a bull when you stand, head full of sand, steady on the shoulder-pads, shake your tail and you’re good to go.
You hear the sound.
Not the ocean, not the medium, the liquid crystal carrier waves that amp the signal west and east and west again, the neon light off a chrome globe.
You hear the sound.
The beat of a stone-age space-man, the harmonies of electric angels wrapped in spandex all singing, close your eyes, feel them singing.
Silver filaments streaming frictionless down copper nerves, surging into space and bouncing off the sky, making love to sythesize the future.
You follow it, of course you do.
Warm asphalt, steel cars streak red and white, you’re the prism in the laser-show. Closer, prowling, a school of sharks, all of us, we hear the sound and we gotta hear more.
It’s ringing.
Pick it up, you know who’s calling. The angels, the space-men, they’re calling. Pick it up and dial…
I just discovered a pretty sizeable cache of photos from last year’s @Eurofurence I apparently forgot to post for nearly a year. Oopsie! Have fun browsing :)

I just discovered a pretty sizeable cache of photos from last year’s @Eurofurence I apparently forgot to post for nearly a year. Oopsie! Have fun browsing :)


"Why does…" Real mature, Google.

"Why does…" Real mature, Google.

This last week was rather special. Every year around this time, the precession of the sun and my evening commute align so that beautifyl warm light streams through the glass facade of Schiphol Airport. 

It’s a rare configuration; most of the rest of the year the sun is blocked by nearby buildings when it’s so low on the horizon, so when I noticed it for the first time, I was captivated. I took out my phone, kneeled down and took some pictures of silhouetted people crossing that incredible light, consciously thinking about contrast and tone and composition, and beginning my passionate love-affair with photography. 

Last year I was regrettably too busy with work to exploit this rare alignment, so when it rolled around this year, I took ten minutes a day just to discretely catch some shots of anonymous, ethereal passers-by, capturing a vague and fleeting snapshot of a person in the limbo between A and B, and here are the best ones.

Three years ago today I took this picture at Schiphol Airport and decided that photography was something I wanted to do. I think I’ve come quite far since then!

Three years ago today I took this picture at Schiphol Airport and decided that photography was something I wanted to do. I think I’ve come quite far since then!

The first inhabitants of our aquatic paradise are Neon Tetras, and they’re about the size of a fingernail. Colorful little blighters, though!

The first inhabitants of our aquatic paradise are Neon Tetras, and they’re about the size of a fingernail. Colorful little blighters, though!